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Heating Services from Baldwin Heating & Cooling

Baldwin Heating & Air Conditioning can help keep Visalia homes warm all through the winter months by servicing furnace and heating units. We do repairs on most brands of furnaces, from minor fixes to full system replacements. We offer free estimates on replacements. If strange sounds are coming from these appliances, it is best to call us right away. We also install all appliances even if you have ordered them through another company.

Our trained professionals are equipped to help with the challenges of electric heaters, heat pumps, or gas furnaces. California can get pretty cold in the fall and winter months of the year. Stay warm by calling Baldwin Heating & Air Conditioning to help with your repairs and replacements.

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Warnings Your Heater Needs to be Serviced

Your heater can let you know when it needs services or diagnostic checks to ensure proper function. Here are some of the warning signs you should call Baldwin Heating & Cooling to come and check out the functionality of your unit:

  • Difficulty starting the unit – This issue often stems from disconnected wiring or broken thermostat. You also shouldn’t have to try multiple times to turn it on.
  • Abnormal furnace smells – The smell of fuel should go away after a few hours of first being turned on.
  • Discolored pilot light – A healthy pilot light burns blue.
  • Inadequate heat – This issue can be linked to leaking ductwork as well.
  • Persistent noises – Banging and groaning sounds coming from the furnace should be inspected.
  • Poor air quality – Air filters should be cleaned annually to stop the spread of allergens and dust that can cause sickness and other respiratory issues.

Baldwin Heating & Air Conditioning can service your residential and small commercial heating units to ensure they are properly working to deliver the best quality air for your home or office. Call us today to service your heating units. We look forward to working with you!

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