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Air Conditioning Services by Baldwin Heating & Air Conditioning

Baldwin Heating & Air Conditioning will keep your house and office cool in the warm summer months of Visalia, CA by offering air conditioning services for your units. We offer these services for air conditioners, central air, mini-splits, window units and Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) in residential areas. We can also service and replace commercial units under 20 tons. Our professional and courteous technicians have all the proper training and tools to ensure cool air flows through your house and office.

We also offer free estimates on replacement units and will install the new system. We will work quickly and efficiently to make sure you get cool air throughout your whole home or office. Baldwin Heating & Air Conditioning carries top performing, energy efficient heating and cooling units from Bryant and Rheem but can also order any make and model if you want a different specific brand.

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to be Serviced

When your air conditioner starts to make weird noises, it is time to get it checked out and serviced by Baldwin Heating & Air Conditioning to avoid future complications. Here are some other signs we suggest you watch out for:

  • Abnormal odors coming from your cooling system
  • Ice forming on the AC system’s coils
  • Lack of cool air in your home while the air conditioner is running or air doesn’t seem to get as cold as it used to
  • Poor, low or non-existent air pressure
  • Sudden change or spike in your cooling costs
  • Air filter gets dirty often
  • The outside unit seems to get dirty and built up with grime more often than it used to
  • Blower motor doesn’t seem to be functioning properly
  • The thermostat is set to the desired temperature, but the system doesn’t react or achieve the desired indoor temperature

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